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Criteria: Study Type=In Vivo,Freq Range=300 kHz - 300 GHz (RF/mmW/THz),Study Subtype=Cancer Studies in Animals Short-Term

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Title Peculiar effects of electromagnetic millimeter waves on tumor development in BALB/c mice.
Reference Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine. , Vol. 165, Pg. 692 - 694, 2018
Author(s) Bantysh B., Krylov A., Subbotina T., Khadartsev A., Ivanov D., Yashin A.
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Project ID 2827
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Title Non-ionizing radiation created by mobile phone progresses endometrial hyperplasia: An experimental rat study.
Reference Arch Med Res., Vol. 50, Pg. 36 - 43, 2019
Author(s) Fadiloglu E., Tapisiz O. L., Unsal M., Fadiloglu S., Celik B., Mollamahmutoglu L.
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Project ID 2844
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Title Cellular neoplastic transformation induced by 916 MHz microwave radiation.
Reference Cell Mol Neurobiol., Vol. 32, Pg. 1039 - 1046, 2012
Author(s) Yang L., Hao D., Wang M., Zeng Y., Wu S., Zeng Y.
PubMed UID 22395787
Project ID 2845
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Title Exposure to low-intensive superhigh frequency electromagnetic field as a factor of carcinogenesis in experimental animals.
Reference Bull. Exp. Biol. Med., Vol. 139, Pg. 241 - 244, 2005
Author(s) Ivanov V. B., Subbotina T. I., Khadartsev A. A., Yashin M. A., Yashin A. A.
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Project ID 2827
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Title Repeated exposure to nanosecond high power pulsed microwaves increases cancer incidence in rat.
Reference PLoS ONE., Vol. 15(4), Pg. e0226858 - , 2020
Author(s) de Seze R., Poutriquet C., Gamez C., Maillot-Marechal E., Robidel F., et al. .
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Project ID 2876
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Title Effect of low-intensity extremely high frequency radiation on reproductive function in Wistar rats.
Reference Bull Exp Biol Med., Vol. 142, Pg. 189 - 190, 2006
Author(s) Subbotina T. I., Tereshkina O. V., Khadartsev A. A., Yashin A. A.
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Project ID 2827
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Title Molecular Mechanism of Malignant Transformation of Balb/c-3T3 Cells Induced by Long-Term Exposure to 1800 MHz Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation (RF-EMR).
Reference Bioengineering. , Vol. 9, Pg. 43 - , 2022
Author(s) Ding Z., Xiang X., Li J., Wu S.
PubMed UID 35200397
Project ID 2845
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Title Effects of low level microwave radiation on carcinogenesis in Swiss Albino mice.
Reference Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry., Vol. 348, Pg. 191 - 197, 2011
Author(s) Paulraj R., Behari J.
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Project ID 3142