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Criteria: Freq Range=300 kHz - 300 GHz (RF/mmW/THz),Study Type=Epidemiology,Study Subtype=Cohort Cancer Study,Status=Completed Without Publication

Details - Project ID 175
Lab Epidemiology Resources Inc
Study Design  800, 1900 MHz (FM, GSM, CDMA) mobile phone use in the US and correlation with brain tumors
Summary  (study on hold until legal issues surrounding confidentiality of billing records clarified)
Details - Project ID 510
Lab Johns Hopkins University, USA
Study Design  Radar exposure in MIT radar lab workers and correlation with cancer
Summary  No effects on brain tumor or leukemia incidence
Details - Project ID 830
Lab Scientific Center for Hygine, Kiev, Ukraine
Study Design  VHF and UHF Radiobroadcast tower exposure to children in Kiev and correlation with health problems
Summary  Decreased general health and increased functional disturbances
Details - Project ID 1144
Lab Northern Ireland Cancer Registry, Queens Universi
Study Design  900, 1800 MHz (GSM) exposure to residents in the UK around a mobile phone base station and correlation with cancer
Summary  No correlation with total cancer or any tumor endpoint evaluated

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