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Criteria: Freq Range=300 kHz - 300 GHz (RF/mmW/THz),Study Type=In Vivo,Study Subtype=Gene Expression, Protein Activity,Status=Completed Without Publication

Details - Project ID 275
Lab USAF Research Lab, Brooks AF Base, USA
Study Design  2 GHz (CW) and non-RF (exercise) exposure to rats and analysis of stress response gene expression in the brain
Summary  Increased hsp70 expression with core temperatures of 43oC (tympanic) and work stoppage with hypothalamic temperatures of 41.9-42.2 oC; microwave treatment (thermal levels) and exercise did not result in the same pattern of response
Details - Project ID 2043
Lab University of California at Riverside, USA
Study Design  836.55 MHz (TDMA), 1.6 GHz (IRIDIUM) exposure to fetal rat brains and analysis of enzyme activity
Summary  No effects on ODC activity, but significant increases and decreases in the DNA repair enzyme Acyl-Guanine Transferase (AGT)

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