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Criteria: Freq Range=300 kHz - 300 GHz (RF/mmW/THz),Study Type=Engineering & Physics,Study Subtype=Theoretical Mechanisms,Status=Ongoing

Details - Project ID 1195
Lab Vilnius University, Lithuania
Study Design  Mobile phone-specific RF and the influence of polarized EM wave exposure on biological systems
Summary  Microwaves in the Devices and Environment
Details - Project ID 1224
Lab University of East Anglia, Norwich, Norfolk, UK
Study Design  Comparative evaluation of risk perceptions regarding the potential health effects of RF and ELF
Summary  Expert and Public Risk Perceptions of the Health Effects of Ionising Radiation (IR) and Electromagnetic Fields (EMF): A Mental Models Approach to Inform Policy for Risk Communications and Interventions
Details - Project ID 1254
Lab University Basel, Switzerland
Study Design  Mobile phone use and market / social parameters
Summary  Empirical Measures of Market Power in the Telecommunication Sector

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