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ID Number 1039
Study Type Epidemiology
Model 450 MHz (Tetra) exposure to police and correlation with cancer incidence and brain function

UK Police cohort using Tetra radio phones (450 MHz) (use on the Airwave network) and analysis of health effects / cancer incidence and mortality. A pilot phase will test the methods needed for the main study in two police forces, including consent procedures, health screening, quenstionnaire and participant follow-up. The main 15 year cohort study will commence after pilot phase and folow ~100,000 police personnel in England, Wales and Scottland. A detailed study involving 150 officers will include EEG analysis and cognitive testing. Start date May 2003, end date May 2008.

Findings Ongoing
Status Ongoing
Start Date May 1, 2003
End Date May 1, 2008
Principal Investigator Imperial College, UK - p.elliott @
Funding Agency Home Office, UK