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ID Number 1709
Study Type Epidemiology
Model 50 Hz occupational exposure to workers and analysis of chromosome and blood abnormalities as well as psychological effects

Workers (n = 79) exposed in high- voltage facilities were compared to control subjects (n = 110) who were not occupational or residential exposed to electromagnetic fields. Blood samples collected at the worksite were evaluated for CBC and blood cell morphology. Work place electric and magnetic field exposures were determined by single survey with a field meter. The authors report two leukemics (ALL, L2, AML, M2) and ten normochrom normocytic anemic among the exposed workers. The authors report significant (p< 0.05)effects as follows: decreases in mean RBC count and hematocrit significant increases in MCHC, increases in neutrophil counts, and decreases in lymphocytes counts consistent with time of work history - exposure. The authors conclude an increased prevalence of leukemia among ELF exposed workers. In a related study, the authors evaluated similar occupationally exposed workers for psychological symptoms (via SCL90-R questionairre) and reported increased symptoms of depression, anxiety, hostility, paranoia, interpersonal-sensitivity, and obsession- compulsion

Findings Effects
Status Completed Without Publication
Principal Investigator Isfahan Univ Medical Sciences, Iran -
Funding Agency Private/Instit.