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ID Number 1903
Study Type Epidemiology
Model Epidemiological exposure assessment for mobile phone use

RF power output from 900 MHz (GSM) mobile phones modified to capture information on transmit power level was compared during a series of 1 or 5 minute calls (as assessed from base station records) made indoors vs. outdoors, in urban vs. rural areas, and in a moving vehicle vs. stationary. In addition, data captured from network operator records was used to follow a parger number of individuals and corroborate the modified handset data. The authors report that the highest power levels (for GSM-900 = 250 mW average, GSM-1800 MHz - 125 mW average) were used for the majority of the time, and overall higher power levels were seen during rural and indoor phone use (as opposed to urban or outdoor use).

Findings Not Applicable to Bioeffects
Status Completed With Publication
Principal Investigator National Institute of Health, Rome, Italy -
Funding Agency EU, MMF, GSM Association
Country ITALY
  • Ardoino , L et al. Radiation Protection Dosimetry, (2004) 111:403-406
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