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ID Number 2680
Study Type In Vitro
Model Demonstration of a microwave-induced thermo-acoustic tomography (MITAT) for medical imaging.

AUTHORS' ABSTRACT: Chen et al. 2008 (IEEE #6637): The acoustic wave generated for the rapid absorption of thermo-energy in an elastic media (thermo-acoustic) can be easily detected [1]. In recent decades, Kruger [2] and Wangs group [3], et al, extended the microwave-induced thermo-acoustic (MITA) technique to generate tomography imaging of biological tissues and obtained some great initial results. Microwave-induced thermo-acoustic tomography (MITAT) has becoming a promising technology in medical imaging field and has attracted much attention.

Findings Not Applicable to Bioeffects
Status Completed With Publication
Principal Investigator U of Electronic Science and Tech, Chengdu, China
Funding Agency ?????
Country CHINA
  • Chen, G et al. Antennas and Propagation Society International Symposium., (2008) :-
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