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(Database last updated on Jan 30, 2023)

ID Number 766
Study Type In Vivo
Model 900 MHz (GSM) exposure of mice and analysis of neuropathology and stress

C57BL mice were exposed to 900 MHz (GSM) for 3 weeks by placing a cell phone operating at full power (2 watts peak) 4 cm under the cage of free roaming animals. Measured E-field strengths in the cage were between 6-18 V/m. The authors reported a slight decrease in cells of the hippocampal dentate gyrus and a decrease in ACTH and corticosterone levels in exposed mice. In further studies reported at EBEA 2001 in Helsinki, a statistically significant (p<0.01) increase in extra nuclei in macrophages from exposed mice was reported. The authors concluded that this suggests 900 MHz exposure from cell phones may lead to cell dysfunction, apoptosis, and cancer.

Findings Effects (poor study design)
Status Completed Without Publication
Principal Investigator University of Montpellier, France -
Funding Agency Technolab
Country FRANCE

No dosimetric interpretation can be made from the above described exposure system, especially in light of the fact that the animals were free roaming throughout the cage.